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In today's world, Digital Signage merely shows an image or loops a single advertisements, hoping to reach it's audience.

When LUV senses an individual within its vicinity, it provides behavioral targeted advertising directly to that individual and actively collects data.

The days of displaying advertisements and guessing what your ROI is are over!

We offer a full suite of analytical tools to fine tune your stores Ads and product placement to increase consumer movement around your venue and grow sales.

Smart Digital Signage works using familiar loyalty cards, membership cards, wrist bracelets and more.

Incorporate your advertisements and/or content and tell LUV who they should be shown to.

LUV Advertisements will do the hard work of ensuring the right individuals see the right content at the right time!


Personalized Marketing


Traditional digital signage is yesterdays technology. Bring all the benefits of targeted advertising into your venue.

  • Ads in your venue can be changed with a few clicks, anywhere in the world
  • Target specific content while greatly increasing viewer ship and sales
  • Heat maps: Review in real time your high and low aisle traffic trends
  • Balance and fine tune product placement to increase movement to low traffic areas
  • Display the right message at the very moment consumer decisions are being made
  • Data analysis: LUV collects a variety of consumer information, allowing you to better understand your customers

    You can no longer blindly display advertisements around your venue and expect someone to be interested in that product


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